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About Bisi

About me

I believe marriage is a commitment of a lifetime. So I channel my energy into documenting moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.


My name is Bisi Alawode and I love photographing people. I love images that tell a story and stir up emotions. This reality comes to bear when I photograph weddings. I approach each wedding with a unique perspective, aiming to capture the love, joy and energy that is shared on this day. I see my role as not just the photographer at your wedding but also a friend who is entrusted with creating images that reflect the pure emotion of love on your wedding day. My goal is to create images that are not just a piece of paper on your table or wall but a treasure of the heart, mind and body.

5 Quick Facts:

  • I am married to an amazing wife and we have a handsome son
  • I have a university degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Yes there is more to me than light and action)
  • I have a diploma in Digital Photography (Yes, I am a nerd and love to learn)
  • I love gaming (soccer) on my playstation to relax
  • I love to travel

More of my work

"Up until this point your LOVE has sustained your RELATIONSHIP but now it's your MARRIAGE (commitment) that will sustain your LOVE"

Tara & James 2017

Your Forever Journey Begins Here!

"Marriage is an adventure of a lifetime. Every adventure comes with its own twirls and turns but our series of daily choices makes the journey worth it."

#bisilovetips - 2017