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Breanna & Dave Detroit Wedding

Dave and I meet at Lambton College when I was a student in the Digital Photography program. I remember Dave walking into the classroom during one of the college’s Open House and he was quite keen about getting into the program. Richard our faculty professor directed him to have a chat with me and immediately I was awestruck by his personality, passion and smooth demeanour. As the days turns into weeks, weeks into months and months into year, i developed a strong liking for his body of work and I didnt look any further for any other colleague to create my headshot.

So when it was time for Dave to make the big decision of getting married I was truly humbled by him turning to me to document his big day. I had the pleasure of meeting Breanna during the course of our two year photography program and I was truly impressed by how supportive she is of her lover’s chosen passion and career. It really reminded me of how my wife throws all her weight behind my passion. Breanna is indeed a perfect description of that virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.


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